UHV President, Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.

President's Message

Dear Friends of UHV:
I want to thank you for being an integral part of UHV's success during the 2021-2022 year. The past year has been full of accomplishments and opportunities to rise above the struggles of the pandemic. Now we are excited to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. Together, we have shown that higher education has Value Beyond Numbers.

Robert K. Glenn
Robert K. Glenn
UHV President



Every year, UHV's four colleges work to improve current academic programs and add new programs that meet the needs of students and the communities we serve. Take a look at some of the successes from the previous year.

Student Affairs & Athletics

Student Affairs

UHV's students are driven to succeed, and the university offers activities, programs and learning experiences that encourage and support them in their efforts. Take a look at some of the ways UHV helps students to grow and learn outside of the classroom.


It's been an exciting year for UHV Athletics. The student-athletes in each of our six athletics teams play hard and work together to excel both on and off the field. Here are some of the successes from the 2021-2022 seasons.

Awards & Highlights

Every year, UHV is proud to present awards to individuals and organizations who have made an impact on the university and the community. This year, UHV presented four awards: the Student Leadership Award, the People Who Make a Difference Award, the Community Partnership Award and the Presidential Medal.



Take a look at some of the numbers from the 2021-2022 fiscal year, including UHV's operating revenue and expenditures, financial aid numbers and enrollment.

0 Enrollment Fall 2022 (preliminary)
0.0 Financial Assistance FY 2022
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Higher education is an important resource, and UHV is fortunate to have a multitude of supporters who understand its value to both individual students and area communities. UHV appreciates the support of all the donors who continue to support the university.

Mr. Cody Adame
Aero Crafters Inc.
Agess, LLC
Ms. Ana Aguilar
Mr. Eric Aguilar
Ms. Jessica Aiken
Ms. Elizabeth Akanbi
Ms. Sade Akinrefe
Ms. Ines Alamilla
Alcoa Foundation
Ms. Amber Aldaco
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Amy Alexander
Ms. Cassandra Alexander
Mrs. Jennie Alexander
Mr. Aneel Ali
Ms. Salma Almasri
Mr. Gustavo Alvarado
Ms. Jenna Alvarado
Mr. Edwin Alvarez
Ms. Pearl Alvarez-Swartz
Mr. Immanuellasheryl Amadi
Dr. Kyoko Amano
Ms. Cynthia Amaya
Ms. Frederica Amfo
Ms. Deepa Anand
Ms. Jody Anderson
Ms. Valerie Andrade
Ms. Brandy Anzualda
Ms. Madeline Aparicio
Mr. Daniel Arbiter
Mrs. Laura Arbiter
Armstrong Warehouse & Transfer Co.
Ms. Maria Arregoces
Mr. George Arroyos
Ms. Sarah Atkinson
Ms. Tina Atchison
Ms. Lizbeth Avila
Ms. Caroline Awe
Mr. Damilola Ayoola
Mr. Fernando Badillo
Mr. John and Mrs. Linda Bagwell
Ms. Jamile Bahra
Dr. Sharon Bailey
Ms. Shameka Baines
Mr. Joshua Ballard
Ms. Ashley Barelas
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sally Barnes
Ms. Belinda Barrientes
Ms. Stephanie Bassham
Mr. Frederic Baudoin
Ms. Rukhsaar Bawa
Ms. Natalie Bayarena
Ms. Lauren Becker
Mrs. Shalini Bejjanki
Dr. Justin and Mrs. Sam Bell
Ms. Kaneisha Belton
Mr. Jesus Benavidez
Ms. Nikita Bendre
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Cheryl Beran
Mr. Homer and Mrs. Betty Berger
Mr. Mark Bergquist
Mr. Stephen Bess
Ms. Charmaine Blake
Ms. Aimee Blakely
Mr. Mark Blanchard
Mr. William and Mrs. Pat Blanchard
Mr. John Bochat
Mr. John Bodenheimer
Ms. Kileigh Boggess
Ms. Monica Bonner
Mr. Doug and Mrs. Mary Borden
Dr. Janelle Bouknight
Mr. David and Mrs. Doris Boyd
Ms. Trista Boyd
Mr. Philip Bradford
Brannan Paving Company, Inc.
Mrs. Charlsie Bremer
Ms. Rosielie Brett
Ms. Meredith Bridges
Ms. Donna Brinegar
Ms. Leticia Briones
Ms. Demetria Brown
Mrs. Dlesa Brown
Ms. Jennifer Brown
Ms. Andrika Buckner
Ms. Stephanie Bueno
Ms. Katherine Burke
Ms. Noemi Bustamante
Mr. Angel Butler
Ms. Zoeann Byerly
Mr. Salvador Cabanas
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Cherre Cain
Ms. Nissa Caldwell
Ms. Jeana Calvillo
Mrs. Devon Camacho
Ms. Marissa Camargo
Mr. Sergio Campa
Ms. Ebony Campbell
Mr. Owen Campbell
Ms. Danette Canion and Mr. Richard Phillips
Ms. Katherine Cano
Mr. Freddie Cantu
Capital Title of Texas
Mr. Luis Caraccioli
Ms. Terra Caravella-Wolf
Ms. Ariana Cardenas
Dr. Susanne and Mr. George Carroll
Mr. Ben and Mrs. Marion Carter
Ms. Kimberly Carter
Mr. Bobby Casarez
Mr. Christopher Castillo
Ms. Melissa Castillo
Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Lola Castro
Ms. Helen Catalan
Ms. Ashley Cavazos
Mr. Sean Cawthon
Ms. Reyanna Cerda
Ms. Vicki Cerna-Bell
Ms. Julie Cervantes
Mr. Christopher Chavez
Mr. Taro and Mrs. Sulekha Chellaram
Ms. Ledie Cheramie
Dr. and Mrs. Wei-Chih Chiang
Ms. Krissia Chicas
Ms. Fu Chin-Heng
Mr. Devon Cisneros
Mr. Michael Cisneros
City of Victoria
Civilcorp, LLC
Ms. Mariann Clark
Ms. Wendy Clark
Cleveland Independent School District
Cloyde and Ethel Lee Tracy Foundation
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Paula Cobler
Mr. G. A. and Mrs. Saundra Coleman
Ms. Jamie Collier
Ms. Jasmine Collins
Mr. Kevin Comaduran
Ms. Dynasty Combs
Mr. Frank Compean
Ms. Joan Conde
Mr. Kristian Condinato
Mr. John Connally
Dr. Ruth Constant
Mr. Bob Constantine
Ms. Nichole Contreras
Ms. Nina Cooper
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Karon Copeland
Ms. Cathy Coronado
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Correll
Ms. Elizabeth Corte
Mr. Kenneth and Ms. Terrisa Cortines
Mr. David and Mrs. Elizabeth Couch
Mr. Cameron Cowan
Mr. Larzell Cowan
Mrs. Shirlene Crawford
Ms. Makayla Creek
Ms. Tracie Creek
Ms. Arkisha Creswell
Ms. Rebecca Crew
Ms. Datchel Crochett
Crossroads Business and Education Coalition
Ms. Heather Crow
Mr. Romel Cruz
Ms. Alexis Cruz
Ms. Ariana Cruz
Ms. Irna Cruz
Ms. Jennifer Cruz
Ms. Selena Cruz
Mr. Jose Cruz Vazquez
Dr. Esther Cuenca
Ms. Amy Cuevas
Mr. Joshua Curry
Ms. Michelle Dalley
Mrs. Tracy Damborsky
Mr. Oyinbrakemi Danian
Ms. Blessing Daniel
Ms. Susan Darshad
Ms. Cynthia Davis
Ms. Terra Davis
Mr. Felix De Jesus
Ms. Tania De La Cruz
Ms. Denise De La Garza
Dr. Estella De Los Santos
Dr. Karla DeCuir
Ms. Kathaleena Dees
Ms. Selena Delapena
Ms. Christina Delgado
Ms. Lizbeth Delgado
Ms. Vanessa Delgado
Ms. Yolanda Delgado
Ms. Sharon Dement
Mr. Jaylen Derr
Ms. Brianna Diaz
Mrs. Tylar Dick
Dickson-Allen Foundation
Ms. Darinae Dixon
Dr. Ali Dogan
Dr. Xiaobo Dong
Ms. Sarah Dotter
Ms. Kayla Dow
Ms. Lindsay Dowell
Dugan Family Foundation
Ms. Emily Duke
Ms. Molly Duke
Mr. Randy Duke
Ms. Wendy Duke
Ms. Alicia Duncan
Ms. Courtney Dwyer
Ms. Andrea Dyer
Mr. Renaodo Ebihara
Mr. Jeremy Echevarria
Ms. Paula Edging
Ms. Lauren Edison
Mr. Nathaniel Edison
Ms. Crystal Edwards
Mr. Samuel Egere
Ms. Esther Ehindero
Mr. Bobby Elechi
Ms. Lisa Elijah
Ms. Tiosayi Elijah
Ms. Denise Eliserio
Ms. Ese Emedo
Ms. Lauren Emerson
Mr. Allan English
Ms. Anita Erhirhie
Ms. Brandy Ermis
Mr. Carlos Escamilla
Ms. Mercy Escobar
Ms. Ayleen Esparza
Ms. Jennifer Espino
Ms. Zoe Espinoza
Mr. Rogelio Esquivel
Mr. Isaiah Estrada
Ms. Myeshia Evans
Mr. Erik Faeltstroem
Ms. Ma De Fanini
Ms. Brittney Farley
Mr. Charles Farrior
Ms. Jennifer Farris
Fastenal Company
Fastop Food Stores
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Cheryl Faulk
Ms. Lorena Fawcett
Mrs. Elsie Felder
Mr. Dustin Ferguson
Mr. Joseph Ferguson
Ms. Veronica Ferry
Ms. Mary Field
The First State Bank
Ms. Vikki Fitzpatrick
Ms. Gioanna Flores
Ms. Karla Flores
Mr. Ludwin Flores
Mr. Ramon Flores
Ms. Renee Flores
Mr. Larry Fondation
Food Bank of the Golden Crescent
Ms. Judy Ford
Formosa Plastics Corp. Texas
Mr. Patrick Foster
Ms. Tracey Fox
Ms. Shelly Frank
Mr. Carlos Frisch
Frost Bank
Dr. Fred and Mrs. Rhea Fry
Ms. Jemely Fuentes
G. W. Wheeler & Sons Plumbers
Ms. Maria Galamez
Mr. Daniel Galindo
Ms. Krystal Galindo
Ms. Tasha Gallegos
Mr. Ben and Mrs. Diana Galvan
Mr. Joseph Galvan
Ms. Brooke Garcia
Mr. Darrion Garcia
Mr. Dylan Garcia
Ms. Falon Garcia
Mr. Greg Garcia
Mr. James and Mrs. Yvonne Garcia
Mrs. Jessica Garcia
Mr. John Garcia
Ms. Savannah Garcia
Ms. Victoria Garcia
Ms. Jill Garner
Mr. Gregary Garnett
Mr. Emiliano Garza
Mr. Philip Garza
Ms. Maria Garza
The Honorable Eli Garza and Mrs. Jennifer Ortiz Garza
Mrs. Stacy Gasch
Geanie Morrison Campaign
Mr. Kent and Mrs. Gwendolyn Gerhardt
Ms. Luz Ghisays
Ms. Stephanie Gibson
Ms. Asherah Gladden
Mr. David Glass
Dr. Chance and Mrs. Marsha Glenn
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Laurie Glenn
Ms. Sara Glennon
Mrs. Joyce Goerke
Goldman, Hunt, and Notz
Ms. Esther Goldschlager
Mr. Cameron Gomez
Ms. Elizabeth Gomez
Mr. Aaron Gonzales
Mr. Alberto Gonzales
Ms. Karen Gonzales
Mr. Cesar Gonzalez
Mr. Lino Gonzalez
Mr. Ricardo Gonzalez
Mrs. Erin Goodwin
Ms. Katherine Graeber-Kubelka
Ms. Kristi Graff
Ms. Alexandria Grant
Ms. Kemba Green
Ms. Kelsey Greene
Ms. Hannah Gresham
Ms. Nancy Gresham
Mr. Jeffery Griffin
Mr. John Griffin Jr. and Mrs. Lynn Knaupp
Mr. Trey Gros
Ms. Kristy Grossman
Mr. Luis and Mrs. Lydia Guerra
Ms. Amber Guerrero
Ms. Mikayla Guillen-Maspero
Mr. Michael Guion
Mr. Guillermo and Mrs. Delia Gutierrez
Ms. Alma Gutierrez
Ms. Cecy Gutierrez
Mr. Luis Guzman
Haberling McLeroy Family Foundation
Mr. Haitham Halim
Mr. Lisa Hammack
Ms. Sarah Hammack
Ms. Makayla Hare
Ms. Kendra Harper
Mr. Larry Harrison
Ms. Gloria Harrison
Ms. Angela Hartmann
Mrs. Amy Hatmaker
Mr. Josiah Hawkins
Dr. Linda Hayes
Mr. Donald Hayes
Ms. Ann-Marie Hazen
Ms. Yolanda Helmer
Ms. Staci Helsel
Dr. Elise and Mr. Brandon Hendricker
Mr. Duane Hendricker
Ms. Marilyn Hendricker
Ms. Kristy Hennessey
Ms. Marilyn Henry
Dr. Ludmi Herath
Mr. Anthony Hermes
Mrs. Bonita Hermes
Mr. Kenneth Hermes
Ms. Alexandra Hernandez
Ms. Denise Hernandez
Dr. Tina and Mr. Reed Herrington
Mr. Isiah Herron
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Holly Hickey
Ms. Madison Hickman
Mr. Robert Higby
Ms. Dianne Hines
Mr. Dario Hinojosa
Ms. Jean Hinojosa
Ms. Yessy Hinojosa
Mr. Anthony Ho
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Kathy Hodon
Ms. Katherine Hoffman
Dr. W. Hogue
Ms. Kimberly Hohlt
Mr. Cameron Hollas
Ms. Hannah Holmes
Ms. Nache Holub
Mrs. Donna Hoover
Ms. Payton-Alizabeth Hopkins
Mr. Ryan Hopping
Ms. Stev’anne Horton
Ms. Elisha Hosey-Stewart
Mr. Masoud Hosseini
Mr. Chad Houchen
Mr. Randall Hrechko
Dr. and Mrs. Shengsheng Huang
Dr. Tiffani Hudson
Ms. Wendy Hughes
Dr. Mike Hummel
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Deborah Humphreys
Ms. Kathy Hunt
Ms. Naz Hussain
Ms. Janet Hutson
Ms. Julia Hysell
Mr. Jeremy Iarossi
Mr. Imonitie Ikhatua
Ms. Jeanne Ince
Mr. T. A. and Mrs. Grace Innes
Mr. Jeanbosco Irumva
Ms. Baylee Ivy
Mr. Michael Izulu
Ms. Ngozi Izulu
Ms. Chantee Jackson
Ms. Christin Jackson
Mr. Claud and Mrs. Mary Virginia Jacobs
Jacobs Charitable Foundation
Jacobs Insurance
Mr. Tim Jahn
Ms. Sara Jalufka
Ms. Shmitten Jamison
Janecka Insurance Agency
Janey & Melvin Lack Charitable Fund
Ms. Kaleigh Janise
Ms. Alysha Jasek
Ms. Marla Jasek
Mr. Michael Jasek
Mr. Randall Jasek
Ms. Kim Jasso
Ms. Crystal Jean
Dr. Erick and Mrs. Felicia Jefferson-Jones
Ms. Jaira Jenkins
Mr. Donald Jirkovsky
Ms. Bernice Jirkovsky
Ms. Glory Joe-Ibekwe
John P. McGovern Foundation
Mr. Trey Johnson
Ms. Jacquelyne Johnson
Ms. Nekeisha Johnson
Mr. Corey Jonas
Mr. John Jones
Mr. O.F. Jones III
Ms. Curtisha Jones
Ms. Kasandra Jones
Ms. Megan Jones
Mr. D'Cater and Mrs. Jerilyn Joseph
Ms. Hortense Joyce
Mr. Eliamani Juma
Ms. Chiamaka Kalu
Ms. Dami Rafiat Kamara
Ms. Carol Keeney
Ms. Doreta Keith
Keller & Associates
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Phyllis Keller
Ms. Mashal Khan
Mr. Moshfiqur Khan
Ms. Jennifer Kight
Mr. Matthew Kilburn
Ms. Jaina Kiley
Ms. Heather Kimmey
klean corp international
Ms. Lacey Knesek
Ms. Mary Ann Knezek
Ms. Candy Knickerbocker
Mr. William Knight
Mr. Conrad and Mrs. Hilary Kofron
Mr. Olawale Kolapo
Ms. Maria Evangeline Kolesar
Ms. Hannah Konvicka
Ms. Mary Koontz-Nelson
Ms. Ipek Kose
Ms. Emil Krus
Dr. Yingxu Kuang
Ms. Meghan Kucera
Mr. Brian-Andrew Lacerda
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Janey Lack
Mr. Billy Lagal
Mr. Jerry Laird
Ms. Diane Lake
Ms. Rebecca Lake
Dr. Jay Lambert
Ms. Karen Landry
Ms. Celeste Lara
Dr. Mary and Mr. Randall Lasater
Mr. James Latimer
Mr. Christopher Laughhunn
Ms. Heather Laughhunn
Ms. Angelina Laurent
Mr. Loc Le
Mr. Brandon Lee
Mr. Merrill Leffler
Ms. Sarah Leggett
Mr. Andrew and Dr. Melanie Lemanski
Mr. David Lemi
Mr. Gelder Leon
Mr. Hayden Leopold
Dr. Teresa LeSage and Mr. Thurman Clements
Mr. Anthony Lester
Ms. Shannon Lewis
Ms. Fang Li
Ms. Molly Lind
Ms. Gail Lindholm
Mr. Jay Lindholm
Ms. Kerri Lindley
Ms. Nicole Lintz
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Littlefield
Mr. Zhengchun Liu
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Karen Locher
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Margery Loeb
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Logan
Ms. Alexis Longoria
Ms. Jaqueline Longoria
Mr. Daniel Lopez
Ms. Sharmain Lopez
Ms. Tracy Lopez
Ms. Veronica Lopez
Ms. Crystal Lorta
Ms. Chanel Love
Ms. Natalie Lucio
Ms. Keara Luckett
M.G. & Lillie A. Johnson Foundation Inc.
Ms. Stephanie Machicek
Mr. Kevin Madrid
Ms. Shirley Mahaffey
Mr. Adam Mahan
Mr. Roberto Maldonado
Ms. Daisy Maldonado-Cervantes
Mr. Ronn and Mrs. Carolyn Mallory
Ms. Laura Mammina
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Kathy Manning
Ms. Jaena Manson
Ms. Crystal Mapp
Ms. Amanda Marbach
Ms. Haley Marek
Ms. Kathryn Marek
Ms. Adriana Marinez
Ms. Ruth Marionya
Ms. Jessica Martinez
Ms. Julie Martinez
Ms. Kai Martinez
Dr. Rachel Martinez
Ms. Angelou Martos
Ms. Dannay Mascorro
Mr. Gary Masculine
Mr. Cerrington Massey
Ms. Kendra Matthews
Mr. Dustin Mayo
Ms. Erica McCarty
Ms. Kayla Mccrary
Ms. Rosemary McCusker
Mr. James McHaney
Mr. Fleming McMurray
Ms. Felicity Medrano
Ms. Leticia Medrano
Mr. Jason Melvin
Ms. Glenda Mendez
Ms. Elizabeth Mesa
Ms. Eunice Mesa
Mr. Ruben Mesa
Ms. Bev Metcalf
Ms. Carrey Metcalf
Dr. Massoud and Mrs. Haleh Metghalchi
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Debra Michalski
Ms. Mary Lou Middleton
Ms. Courtney Middleton
Ms. Sandra Miller
Mr. Shane Miller
Mr. Tim Miori
Mr. Ricardo Mireles
Ms. Michelle Mirshak
Mr. Christopher Mitchell
Mr. Dylan Modzelesky
Dr. Kaveh Moghaddam
Ms. Amber Molina
Mr. Steve Montes
Mrs. Rebecca Montez
Mr. Kolson Montgomery
Ms. Margie Montgomery
Ms. Linda Mooney
Ms. Tracey Moore-Sweeney
Ms. Amy Morales
Dr. R. Morgan Morgan
Ms. Abigail Morgan
Ms. Samantha Morgan
Ms. Sierra Morin
Mr. Christopher Moses
Mr. Gary Moses
Mr. Kyle Motal
Ms. Marian Motal
Ms. Natalie Motal
Mr. Pete and Mrs. Susana Moya
Ms. Vivian Mozisek
Mr. Jess and Mrs. Kira Mudd
Ms. Zakkiyya Muhammad
Ms. Cara Mularski
Mr. Isaac Munoz
Mr. David and Mrs. Tammy Murphy
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Nagle
Ms. Alexandria Nagle
Ms. Gabriella Nagle
Dr. Sneha Nayar-Bhalerao
Mr. John Ned
Ms. Angela Neinast
Mr. Tom Nelson
Mrs. June Nelson
Ms. Temprance Nevels
New Distributing
Ms. Cheryl Newcomb
Mr. Dave Newcomb
Ms. Oanh Ngo
Mr. Khoa Nguyen
Mr. Luan Nguyen
Ms. Sonia Nieto
Dr. Yixi and Mrs. Zhiwen Ning
Dr. Farhang Niroomand and Ms. Farnaz Zand
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Chari Norgard
Ms. Kelsey Norgard
Mr. Ryan Norgard
Mr. Justin Norman
Ms. Erika Nunez
Mr. Jafar Nurizada
Mrs. Luann O' Connor
Mrs. Mary Ann Oakley
Mr. Robert Oakley
O'Connor & Hewitt Foundation
Mr. Gaylon and Mrs. Catherine Oehlke
Ms. Alyssa Oenning
Mr. Efosa Ohenhen
Ms. Loveth Ohenhen
Mr. Pius Ohenhen
Mr. Patrick Ohrt
OK Tours
Ms. Jessica Okadigbo
Mr. Simon Okosun
Mr. Christian Okwuchukwu
Mr. Adedotun Oladinni
Ms. Elizabeth Oladinni
Mr. Fikayomi Oladinni
Ms. Moyosore Oladinni
Mr. Opemipo Oladinni
Ms. Dora Oliva
Dr. Joann Olson
Dr. Johnson Olusanya
Ms. Ana Maria Ortiz
Ms. Lisa Osborn
Ms. Kaylie Osuna
Mr. Oluwafemi Oyetunde
Ms. Marlen Padron
Ms. Nicole Parenteau
Ms. Katie Parker
Mr. Anish Patel
Dr. Barba Patton
Ms. Debbie Pavliska
Ms. Cammie Pearson
Peggy Ann Cloninger Family Fund
Ms. Elizabeth Ella Pena
Ms. Isabella Pena
Mr. Diego Perez
Ms. Kathy Perez
Ms. Leslie Perez
Mr. Joshua Peschell
Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston
Ms. Karen Petru
Mr. Keith Petru
Ms. Connie Pettitt
Ms. Elizabeth Pilotte
Mr. Jose Pinedo
Dr. Jesse and Mrs. Nayeli Pisors
Mr. Joshua Pisors
Ms. Andrea Pisors
Mr. Shawn Poarch
Mr. Wali Polani
Ms. Juliet Polk
Mr. Dakota Pompa
Mr. Weston Porter
Ms. Maria Porter
Mr. Alvaro Prieto
Mr. Demarcus Prophet
Prosperity Bank
Ms. Sarah Pruett
Ms. Devyn Puentes
Ms. Mariya Pullin
Ms. Celiste Quarles
Ms. Valerie Quinones
Mr. Robert Radford
Mr. Hussein Rajabu
Ms. Aisha Raji
Mr. and Mrs. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy
Ms. Gricelda Ramia
Ms. Alma Ramirez
Ms. Betty Ramirez
Ms. Loretta Ramirez
Ms. Stephanie Ramirez
Ms. Mary Ramos
Ms. Edith Rangel-Almeda
Mr. Jesus Ravan
Ms. Ivy Ray
Ms. Ludane Raymond
Ms. Kimberly Rayos
Ms. Maria Rayos
Ms. Mahnoor Raza
Ms. Cecelia Reoh
Ms. Rosario Resendez
Ms. Susana Resendiz
Mr. Richard Reyes
Ms. Amanda Reyes
Ms. Melinda Reyes
Ms. Ashley Reyna
Ms. Jessica Reyna
Ms. Theresa Reyna
Mr. Domenick Riccio
The Reverend Dr. Gene and Dr. Margaret Rice
Mr. Lewis and Ms. Kathi Rich
Mr. Adrian Rigby
Ms. Alexis Riley
Ms. Magdalena Rincon
Ms. Guadalupe Rios
Ms. Sabrina Risken
Ms. Whitney Ritchie
Dr. Josie and Mr. Mike Rivera
Ms. Victoria Rivera
Ms. Dashlyn Riveros
Ms. Tynesha Rivers
Ms. Aurora Robinson
Mr. Chedrick Robinson
Mr. Eric Robinson
Mr. Alejandro Rocha
Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Mr. George Rodriguez
Mr. Jerry Rodriguez
Ms. Brittany Rodriguez
Ms. Chloe Rodriguez
Ms. Crystal Rodriguez
Ms. Christine Rogers
Ms. Kia Rogers
Ms. Analicia Rojas
Mrs. Marci Ross
Mr. Robert Royer
Ms. Yona Rudolph
Ms. Elizabeth Ruiz
Mr. Muhammad Saeed
Mr. Jorge Saenz
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Sheila Salazar
Mr. Martin Salinas
Mr. Natanael Salinas
Ms. Susana Samayoa
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Michelle Samford
Ms. Deanna Sampson
Ms. Kai Samuels
Mr. Jeremy Sanchez
Ms. Ashley Sanchez
Ms. Cecilia Sanchez
Ms. Fatima Sanchez
Ms. Shayna Sanchez
Mrs. Karen Sanders
Ms. Jasmin Sarinana
Sather Financial Group, Inc.
Ms. Gail Sawyer
Ms. Jennifer Say
Mr. Samuel Scavo
Ms. Olivia Scavo
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Carla Schaefer
Scherer Kubota
Dr. Alexander Schilt
Ms. Kelsey Schimcek
Ms. Kingsley Scott
The Honorable Jan and Mr. Bryce Scott
Ms. Jennifer Sedillo
Mr. William and Mrs. Margaret Seerden
Seerden Interests
Mr. Favio Sena Macedo
Mr. Timothy Serrano
Mr. Stuart Sherman
Ms. Ashley Shields
Mr. Ricky Shook
Dr. Beverly Shuford
Ms. Cheryl Shumbera
Mr. John and Mrs. Sandra Shutt
Mr. Ashton and Mrs. Bekah Sides
Mr. Keaton Sides
Mr. Crystal Sidwell
Mr. David Silguero
Ms. Cynthia Silva
Ms. Georgia Simmons
The Honorable Dennis and Mrs. Kay Simons
Ms. Deenna Simples
Ms. Jessica Sinay
Ms. Bianca Singh
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Sion
Ms. Ashley Sisson
Ms. Aubree Sklar
Ms. Misti Slider
Dr. Don and Mrs. Mona Smith
Ms. Haley Smith
Ms. Jean Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Laura Smith
Mr. Tim Smith
Mrs. Rhiannon Smith
Dr. Wayne Smith
Mr. William Songer
Mr. Alfonso Sosa
Ms. Christina Soto-Zavala
Ms. Mary Spaulding
Ms. Bianca Speed
Ms. Courtney Speer
Mr. Carter Speights
Mr. Austin St Julien
Dr. John and Mrs. L'Nell Starkey
Ms. Linda Starling
Mr. Richard Stavinoha
Ms. Tamera Steele
Mr. James Stephenson
Ms. Georgia Sterne
Ms. Docia Stewart
Mr. Milton and Mrs. Patricia Stoilis
Ms. Anita Strange
Ms. Pat Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Striedel
Ms. Lynnleigh Stroman
Ms. Kathryn Studtmann
Ms. Ruth Sturhan
Ms. Brianna Sturm
Ms. Rosie Suarez-Pinedo
Mr. Zachariah Sullivan
Mrs. Jamie Summerlin
Ms. Javan Suniga
Mr. Godspower Sunny
Ms. Jennifer Svetlik
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Rebecca Swanson
Linda Swickheimer
Ms. Catherine Swift
Ms. Hilary Tallman
Ms. Juanita Tamuno
Mr. Kenneth Tarpley
Mr. Dan and Mrs. M. Ann Teeters
Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Teixeira
Mr. Daniel Teran
Ms. Marisabel Tesch
Ms. Brooke Testerman
Decora Study Club
Mr. William and Mrs. Christina Thetford
Mr. Vincent Thomas
Dr. Dorothy Thomas
Ms. Latoya Thomas
Mr. Austin Thompson
Ms. Kala Thompson
Ms. Monique Thompson
TicketSmarter, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Tinajero
Ms. Simone Tipton
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Peggy Titt
Ms. Prabha Todai
Ms. Debra Tomas
Mr. Gary Tomas
Mr. Ryan Tomas
Ms. Lauree Tomas
Dr. Beverly Tomek
Mr. Andrew Tomek
Mr. Enrique and Mrs. Elena Torres
Mr. Oscar Torres
Ms. Brenda Torres
Ms. Betty Tovar
Ms. Donna Townsend
Ms. Jessica Townsend
Mrs. Cathy & Mr. Patrick Trask
Ms. Maria Trevino
Ms. Priscilla Trevino
Ms. Mikayla Tripaldi
Ms. Banu Truitt
Trull Foundation
Trust Texas Bank
Ms. Kassandra Tucker
Ms. Patricia Tucker
Ms. Katelyn Tynes
Ms. Linda Upham
Ms. Anissa Ursin
Dr. Shahrzad Vafa
Ms. Kareli Valdiviez
Mr. Mario and Ms. Erica Valle
Ms. Dysocheata Van
Ms. Socheana Van
Mr. Joshua Van Der Wath
Ms. Carmen Vanegas
Ms. Maria Vanzandt
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Deborah Vardaman
Ms. Lucia Vargas
Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Lynne Vasquez
Ms. Jacquelyn Vasquez
VCS Companies
VCS Security Systems, Inc.
Ms. Alexis Vega
Mr. Jacob Vela
Dr. Sandy Venneman
Ventura's Tamales
Victoria Air Conditioning
Victoria Convention & Visitors Bureau
Victoria County
Victoria Gem & Mineral Society
Victoria ISD Education Foundation
Victoria Northside Rotary Club
Victoria Sales Tax Development Corp
Ms. Angelica Vigil
Ms. Jami Villarreal
Ms. Marissa Villarreal
Mr. Miguel Villatoro
Ms. Annastasia Vincent
Dr. Shannon Viola
Mr. Jeff Viola
Mr. Mason Viola
Mr. Rynn Viola
Vivian L. Smith Foundation
Ms. Alexi Wade
Ms. Shannon Charise Wagner
Mr. Keegan Walker
Mr. Keir Walker
Mr. Ronald Walker
Mr. Tanner Walker
Mr. Zion Walker
Walker Family Charitable Fund
Mrs. Marci Wallace
Ms. Taylor Waller
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Kathy Walton
Ms. Elizabeth Walton
Ms. Jada Walton
Mr. Ashley and Mrs. Cheryl Walyuchow
Dr. Yun and Mrs. Lili Wan
Dr. Jifu Wang
Ms. Cassandra Ward
Ms. Siasja Washington
Mr. Cobey Wasicek
Ms. Tanya Weaver
Ms. Tammy Webb
Weber Motor Company
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Suzann Wegment
Ms. Dulce Weigt
Ms. Erika Weissman
Mrs. Virginia Welder
The Honorable Roger and Mrs. Donna Welder
Mr. Thomas Weller
Mr. Gordon West
Ms. Stella West
Mr. Don and Mrs. Allison Whitaker
Dr. Daniel White
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Curtistine White
Whole Kids Foundation
Dr. Michael Wiblishauser
Ms. Alexis Wiener
Ms. Barbara Wilcox
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Debra Williams
Ms. Elvira Williams
Ms. Lashon Williams
Ms. Lashonda Williams
Ms. Latoshia Williams
Mr. Stephen Williams
Ms. Tressa Williams
Ms. Hope Willms
Mr. Collett and Mrs. Aline Wilson
Ms. Katie Wilson
Ms. Claire Winfield Fletcher
Ms. Erica Winters
Ms. Jeanette Winters
Mr. Christopher Wisofsky
Ms. Tami Wisofsky
Mr. John Withers
Mr. Fekade Wolde
Women in Partnership for Progress
Ms. Amy Wood
Ms. Rebecca Wood
Wood Family Memorial Trust
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Gloria Wooton
Ms. Cheryl Worley
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Trudy Wortham
Ms. Lily Wu
Dr. Ziyun Yang
Ms. Lorraine Yap
Mr. Charles Young
Ms. Chrystal Young
Ms. Lindsay Young
Ms. Sarah Young
Dr. Feirong Yuan
Ms. Veronica Yzaguirre
Mr. Mark Zafereo
Mr. David Zapata
Ms. Alicia Zapata
Mr. Patrick Zapien
Ms. Amy Zarate
The Honorable Benjamin and Mrs. Jamie Zeller
Mr. Ty and Mrs. Lynette Zeller
Mr. Kevin Zinter
Mr. Hector Zubieta
Mr. Eduardo Zurita

Community Partnerships

UHV is fortunate to have partners in the community who value higher education. Here are just a few of the ways that the community has partnered with UHV to promote higher education.